Who we are?

Anti-process Studio is a collection of personal experiences in the field of architecture in two research and construction sections established over a ten-year period. The studio has started its professional activities by Raouf Ghasemi Barghi and his colleague Shirian Ziayi from 2017. The method and study approach of the studio is especial and unique for every project, where there are not any two projects employing similar paths for a given design. Hence, it does not provide any design methods but the methods are generated during each projects, then continued and finally terminated when it is completed . The starting point of a project can be completely different because every project has its own match point, like a node, to commence and this should be understood by the architect and the searching task must start from that point. The point is not necessarily in relation to architecture. Regarding the works and projects performed during the last years, much effort has been paid to continue this architecture trend that is based on empirical and intuition methods.

Mind Room

Hamed Soleimani

Bachelor in architecture | Islamic Azad University